Balgonar Farm

Balgonar is a working farm and is stocked with cattle, sheep and a few horses to keep them company. We breed beef and lamb for the market.

Balgonar Farm

Balgonar is mentioned in a Royal Charter of King James IV and is still marked on the map. Present owners,  George and Libby Elles, purchased what was left of the estate in 1994 and built a house on the site of the original mansion using the existing old stone.

Balgonar Garden Cottage was the Estate Chauffeur’s cottage in the mid-19th Century and was later extended into what it is today. Balgonar Bothy was originally part of the farm steading and is now an inviting holiday apartment

Balgonar Farm

Balgonar is a working farm and is stocked with cattle, sheep, free range hens  and a few horses to keep them company! Beef and lamb is bred for the market, so if you would like to purchase any meat during your stay, or would like to place an order for home delivery, please talk to Libby.

Balgonar Estate
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Our Lambs
Come meet our sheep

We take excellent care of our animals. During your visit to us, you’ll be staying alongside 200 ewes spread across the fields and steadings. 

We have about 140 Cheviot ewes and 60 Dorsets. The Dorsets are quieter but can be a bit awkward and stubborn!

The Dorsets are one of the very few breeds that can produce lambs all the year round. This means there are usually lambs around whatever month you visit.

Alongside our sheep, we also have about 50 Luing cattle. This special breed of cow originates from the Isle of Luing and shares ancestors with the famous ‘Hairy Highland Coo’.

Come meet our cows