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Our lambs are reared to the highest ethical standard.

We can sell you lamb fresh from the Scottish hills virtually any month of the year. This is because we have two flocks: The traditional Cheviot breed and also a smaller flock of Poll Dorsets. The Dorsets are one of very few breeds that can produce lambs all-year- round.

This means at Balgonar we have not only our main lambing in April, but further sessions in August, November and January. (Some say we are suckers for punishment!) Dorset meat is however very popular with farmers and butchers and is highly rated by the top-end supermarkets such as Waitrose.

We believe in producing our lambs as naturally as possible, with their welfare being our top priority. Ewes and lambs thrive on the grass, clover and herbs found in the Scottish hills and when the growing season slows lambs move onto the homegrown forage crops which form part of our rotation.

Whether Dorset or Cheviot, we can guarantee the Scottish provenance of the lamb . They are born and bred here and we offer 100% traceability, the highest animal welfare standards and top-quality meat.

Scottish Lamb Delicious Cut

Your Lamb order

 We are very happy to prepare your lamb to your own specification but below are our suggested options.

Half a lamb box : Approximate weight 7.5- 8.5 kg, according to availability:

  • Lamb Leg: bone in (can be split into 2 smaller joints if required)
  • 2 boned and rolled shoulder joints (can be left whole if required)
  • 4 loin chops
  • 6 cutlets (can be left as a rack if required)
  • 2 breast pieces
  • 500g liver if required.

Price: £80 (plus £20 for chilled packaging and courier charge).

Whole Lamb box: 15-17 kg

  • 1 leg joint
  • 2 small leg joints (i.e. half size)
  • I whole boned and rolled shoulder
  • 2 half-size boned and rolled shoulder joints
  • 8-10 loin chops
  • 12-14 cutlets
  • 4 breast pieces
  • 2x 500g liver

Price: £160 (plus £25 for chilled packaging and courier charge)

All lambs will be prepared to order and to your specific specification. It will be vacuum packed, clearly labelled and freezer-ready.

Since we will be processing lambs to order we would ask for at least three-week’s notice please.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your order, please contact Libby on 07778 518420.

Alternatively, please complete the order form.

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